I was born in the wonderful town of Peaceburgh, Pennsylvania (formerly known as Pittsburgh). I grew up as a city kid, playing in the streets with my friends til late in the night. In high school I played sports constantly, though my health took a turn when I developed Chronic Pain in my wrists and knees during my junior year. I saw many different doctors, but my symptoms only worsened until I found a Holistic Healing program which integrated Mind, Body, and Emotions. After overcoming Chronic Pain, I gained a new appreciation and passion for life!

In my Freshman year of College, I met an amazing crew of cyclists who were planning a Bike Trip across America at the end of the school year. To my parents’ dismay, I decided to take a year off from school, and join this troupe called “The Cultural Recyclists.” For 6 months, we cycled East to West coast exploring Sustainability, visiting Organic Farms, Urban Gardens, and spreading the message of Sustainable Living. At the end of the bike trip, I was hit by a car going 55mph, and survived miraculously without any broken bones! This experience taught me that every day is precious, and I have to make the most of my life.

I returned home from the bike trip on fire with inspiration. I began building community in my hometown of Peaceburgh, by organizing community gatherings, and facilitating “Gift Circles,” which is a powerful tool for sharing skills, gifts, and resources amongst a group. Within a few months of being home, I catalyzed a team of people to co-create the “Peaceful Gathering of Hands,” one of the biggest Peace Gatherings our town had every seen.

In August of 2011, I returned to Penn State and took some awesome, unconventional classes, though I quickly realized that University wasn’t the path for me. After one semester, I decided to leave school, and pursue my “Soul Path” 110%. I did an Indiegogo Campaign for the “Flowetry and Gift Circle Tour” and set out for California in July of 2012. I traveled to festivals, conferences, and various different towns sharing Paradigm Shifting Flowetry (the name of my 1st Album), and also facilitating Gift Circles in various communities. I was so excited to be “Living the Dream!”

I continued to tour all the way until February of 2013, when I flew home to Peaceburgh to regroup, and recharge. In May of 2013, through the internet, I linked up with 2 Entrepreneurs who believed in me and my mission. They hired me to create “Conscious Media” and I put my film skills to use by producing a 20 minute Documentary on the Peaceful Gathering of Hands called “Cultivating Community.”

In August of 2013, I went to Burning Man for my 3rd year in a row, and had an awesome time until my appendix ruptured, transforming my experience into “Bursting Man.” I was treated at a hospital in San Francisco, where I also received a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. This came as a total shock to me, though I took it in stride, and began testing my blood sugar and injecting insulin several times a day.

In November of 2013, I settled into Ojai, California, a beautiful small town an hour north of L.A. My partner and I found a gorgeous home to live in, and we co-created a 4 week Online Training Course called “Conscious Creative Expression.” I led 25 people through this course, where we had live webinars, assignments, Google Hangouts, and a private Facebook Group. Many participants experienced big shifts and transformations in their personal, social, and professional lives. I was very grateful to facilitate such a powerful journey through the Internet!

Ojai is an epicenter for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Conscious Media. I had the honor of learning, training, and working with some of the best on the planet in these areas. I was learning / interacting with the key organizers of Lucidity Festival, Elevate Media, and Creator Course, and they all inspired me to be the best version of myself possible!

In May of 2014, my partner and I split up, and I began a new chapter of deep self-inquiry. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina and focused mainly on my “Inner Healing Process” for the entire summer. In late 2014, I recorded my 3rd Flowetry Album “New Eyes” and went on tour again to share my new passions and messages with the world! I performed at some awesome events, including the Evolution gathering at the famous Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Following a 2 month tour, I settled again in Ojai, where I entered hibernation and another period of deep self-reflection.

As I continued the process of Healing, Peeling, and Revealing, I discovered new dimensions of myself. I dissolved much of the Social Conditioning I’d received from the Mainstream Strange Dream. I came to terms with my true feelings on sexuality and gender. I finally admitted to myself that I felt Bisexual. I also explored Gender Fluidity, meaning to move fluidly between masculine and feminine expressions, without putting myself into one specific box. This has been an extremely challenging, yet profoundly liberating process. My masculine side is represented by “Philo” and my feminine side is represented by the name “Lila.” Today I feel confident and proud of my “Rainbow Self” and hope to encourage others to transcend labels and societal norms!

From summer of 2015 to summer of 2016 I completely dedicated myself to completing the “Unlocking Our Superpowers” book. I spent countless nights researching, writing, compiling, pondering, and weaving together the most potent and practical tools and techniques for Personal and Collective Evolution!

After publishing Unlocking Our Superpowers, I toured around the East Coast, sharing it with people from all walks of life. I am humbled and grateful for all the positive feedback.

I wasn’t planning to write a second book, but the Universe had different plans. In the summer of 2017, I began to write an epic sequel, which is called “The New Earth Is Here.” Over a year later, I published it in Oct. of 2018, and its been loads of fun sharing it with new and old friends all over the globe.

These books are essentially the culmination of my life story and path so far! I am now embracing my path of sharing all the messages from these books with the world in the most powerful, fun, and harmonious way possible 🙂

“My life’s been a rollercoaster ride – through space and time.”

~ Paradigm Shifting Flowetry