I work 1 on 1 with people all over the globe who are ready to take their lives to the next level. I support dynamic individuals from all walks of life who want to Overcome Obstacles, whether they be Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Interpersonal, Financial or some combination of all of them. I provide tools, exercises, and new habits for living a life of greater Empowerment, Abundance, and Fulfillment! If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email :


“This course has been such an incredible catalyst I don’t yet even know how to sum it all up without writing an email that takes years to read…so I’ll just start with a huge THANK YOU for being so open and wonderful and also being so comfortable being yourself and for being such an incredible inspiration and for putting your time and energy into this work. Your course has really helped me find the courage and confidence to move forward with my creative endeavors and to put those limiting Mental Advisors of mine in their place!”

~ Kristen Lucas ( graduate from Conscious Creative Expression course in 2014 )

“Well, after many years of being inspired by this Super Soul Of Pure Love (divinely disguised as a 25 year old human) . . . I was blessed to meet him/her in person last night, just an hour or so before his/her birthday! Philo / Lila gifted me with an incredible album of Flowetry, and a dozen blissful hugs.

Everything he/she embodies is a feel-good reminder of Who I Truly Am. For that (and so much more), I am eternally grateful. If you’re ready to receive the keys to ‘Unlocking Our Superpowers”, then please support this community-building, tender loving leader with the delicious rainbow aura.”

~ Heidi D

You have a gift of bringing diverse ideas together and also sharing from a place of authenticity and love. I sincerely look forward to the projects you create and what you have to share!

~ Carlos Ronka ( graduate from Conscious Creative Expression course in 2014 )

“How do you let your life unfold, according to the new or according to the mold?”

~ New Eyes Flowetry