Team Pachamama

Team Pachamama is an organization which utilizes Video, Music, and Live Workshops to provide Empowering Information for Mind, Body, and Soul. We have been building community in Peaceburgh since 2011. We officially founded Team Pachamama in Peaceburgh in 2019 and we partner with other groups who share a common Ethos. Although we are technically a “Non-Profit”, we prefer to call it a “Social Impact Organization” because our mission is to contribute towards collective and individual empowerment.

We lead fun and interactive Workshops on a variety of topics such as “Conscious Creative Expression”, “The Keys of Empowered Living”, and “How to Truly Change the World.” Workshops are suitable for groups of 5-100 people and are often held at Conferences, Festivals, and Small Gatherings. If you feel inspired to partner with us, or invite us to present at your event, please send an email to

We also invite you to contribute to our growing presence and impact on the planet by donating a tax-deductible contribution of your choice. If you feel inspired to do so, please email Thank you 🙂

“Nothing supersedes the power of community, Now is the opportunity, so let’s plant some super seeds and empower unity!”